Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Quick posting today and one where I felt not a lot happened when actually it's going to end up crammed with more flavour than everything in your fridge and freezer combined. Surely this isn't possible you say, well poppet that's where you are wrong so here we go. To start things off I came across an interesting story on Digg the other day. This guy went to SXSW and on his return he found his Powerbook, Xbox, and flat screen TV had been stolen. Amazingly through Digg and taking measures to trace the guy he got lucky. (Updated 28/03/08 - See Zemanta linkage below also interview available here)

I have this guy on Twitter now as a friend, only really starting getting into twittering more recently. Think Facebook Status Updates/ Micro Blogging and it's roughly what it is the child ha! At work today my Virtual Machine was still on it's Easter Bank Holiday as it was running painfully slow. Work flew by with me making last touches to my Training/Trainer update! Finally!! Tonight I created a sock puppet with Baby and we have had a blast playing a random game about what the puppet can eat. Looking forward to the weekend approaching as I will be rocking out in Bexleyheath with my friends to celebrate coming of age! I am sure it will be eventful!