Saturday, March 15, 2008

We love pool

Baby was off on her adventures again this morning, it will be good when she is properly speaking as then at least we will know what she gets up to. Until then we will have to guess at what amazing and wonderful things she participates. What we do know though is that they headed over to Bluewater. After a stop at my parents to check up on my home alone siblings and washing up their mess we moved on to Bluewater to take part in our pass the baby relay race. Not before we had a quick browse around some shops first. Meeting up for the exchange was interesting because they are quite accepting of me. Where as one year on and I still haven't been introduced to my children's mother's boyfriend.

After looking around the shops for a few more hours we headed home, Baby was out of the game as she slept the whole time. Only waking briefly as we dropped her off to my Girl's sisters to complete the relay race. This whole relay thing was long winded but with us heading out that night it was necessary. The night out was a lot of fun and although we only went to a quiet pub it was never going to stay quiet and we had a tonne of fun pretending that Pool was the life blood of everything we stood for acting totally amazed at the action taking place around us. Did we look immature, we never even noticed. We were home before midnight and got a pizza out which amazed me as I never knew they delivered that late. I also didn't know that the Dog had a pink head and that a trip to the bank would be so spectacular. Looking forward to the hangover tomorrow ha!