Monday, March 17, 2008


I finished early at work today to head over to my children's school, me and their mother had been called in to have a meeting with one of the teachers. I don't really speak much with the teachers over the course of the term so I was worried about what I would be told. I met up with their mother at the school and after sitting in the corridor it became clear that the teacher was seeing all the parents which was a relief. I think a lot of the kids thought I was strange looking as they would walk past me staring. With the concerns of society now I choose to just sit there instead of roaring or chasing them off ha! Anyway we eventually were called into the room and the teacher sat there telling us about his progress. And it was good she said that he was really naughty and always running about but that things were definitely on the up. It was good to hear! Afterwards I took them with me for an hour and headed to Goals. Want to get him into football but instead of a registration form I got a phone number. Typical! He'll be playing for England before we know it!!!