Friday, March 14, 2008

What am I actually looking for....

So today I felt like I needed some new clothing, I wasn't going to let work stand in the way either. Come 12:30 and the dawn of the lunch hour I headed down to the Underground and onto the network to navigate my way to Oxford Street. With the flagship Topman/Topshop, H&M and All Saints around the back I figured I would definitely get a clothing touch down. Topman first and heading upstairs the only thing I found was 200°C. Boy is it hot in some of these shop, the lights that beat down remind me of the times I spend cooking myself under the sunbed. After looking about briefly I figure I'll check out the accessories in Topshop. Yes it's girls but with the line thinner than ever of what is acceptable between boys and girls I figured I would have a browse. Nothing here either and there wasn't in H&M or All Saints either. With the lunch hour over I headed back to work with my tail between my legs.

Part two took place after work with me heading down to Brick Lane, I bounded there quite quickly using my Umbrella like a shield in battle with the wind and rain. Brick Lane is great for Vintage clothing but instead of a new top I ended up with a large bow and blue Kanye West sunglasses. My priorities are well in order ha!

After my shop I headed home, tonight is the night we were to meet my Girl's friends boyfriend for the first time. I walked in with my wings out, my hair blown to pieces was spread and I looked like I was coming in for landing. I had picked up a 'fashion' magazine whilst out but going through the pages it was more like a porno ha. The night went well and I think we made a good first impression, well for my standards I think it went well