Sunday, March 02, 2008

Mother's Day!

We are gathered here today for the day of mothers, the celebration of the female of the species and her love for us and our kin! I was woken up feeling slightly wrecked from the night before with baby on one to get up. I got in gear and my Girl's Mum stepped in for me to retire back to bed which was wicked! Eventually got up and with it and had an enjoyable day down Herne Bay celebrating her Nan's birthday and also Mothering Sunday. Dinner was delicious and I could have really munched on the puddings but I kept my composure.

Really feel like I am getting to know my Girl's family now, I have a good relationship with her Dad talking about the Football which got my Girl's back up ha! With the other children being dropped over at my Mum's we headed over there to have more fun. We weren't let down as it was full party mode in the Dawson residence! There was the creativity corner, stickers the lot we were so spoilt. The drink was flowing but I had to rain check what with being a driver come on with the lessons Girlfriend!!! We celebrated and then headed home but not without incident as Baby was sick all over the car leaving us with a nervous night ahead...