Sunday, March 09, 2008

Can you guess what it is yet?!?!

Had a go at creating a novelty background for the PC last night but failed miserably, the concept I think works it's just the contrast. I came across a Flickr account where a guy has received loads of images of desktops like this. Some are even on iPod's, my Camera Phone just doesn't do it justice though neither did it help that I was really tired so after messing about trying to get a decent photo I gave up and retired!!

Today with Baby at a birthday party we decided that we would head to Thurrock to our home from home that helps us decorate our home. That's right we landed at Ikea and straight to the returns queue. Game over though as the ticket we pulled meant we had to wait for 56 people before us to return their products. Not good!! We survived though and I helped set up a little Art Corner although the end result was me getting wrecked by the rest of the family. Thanks Guys!!
After returning the goods we had a mooch about and picking up a few bits we headed off to my parents to drop of the kids there and then headed on to pick up Baby. She was out for the count after having a lot of fun at the party, from the sounds of it my Girl's sister also had a lot of fun as well. Shame we couldn't all get involved but once the summer arrives I will see about renting out something for the garden as that would be a lot of fun!!