Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Question of Sport

You either love sports or you don't, there is no in between or undecided. Woke up today and watched the Formula 1, with McLaren being penalised and starting five places further down the grid than where they had qualified it was always going to be tough for our boy Lewis. When they messed up in the Pitt Lane you knew that his quote earlier in the week about everyone having a bad weekend you knew that was biting him hard. Kimi emerged as the eventual winner but Lewis fought hard to eventually finish in fifth and I am sure if he hadn't had the Pitt problems he would have been on the Podium.

With the family all awake we set about an Easter Egg hunt that had been arranged from the night before. They followed the clues about and got overly excited once they had uncovered all of the chocolate. As it was snowing we ventured into the garden to play and have a kick about with the football!

This didn't last more than half an hour as everyone got frozen, soaked and baby fell over so we went indoors to thaw out! As it was Easter my Girl's family came around for the afternoon, this did me a favour in a way as I was able to watch both of the Football matches as her Dad was also interested in the results. I was hoping that with Torres on form that United may be up against it but with the game eventually finishing 3-0 it goes to show how behind Liverpool really are. Also the sending off of Mascherano at the end of the first half was the flash point although United were well in control anyway.

Next up was the game I had been waiting for Chelsea against Arsenal and it turned out to be a really good game. When Arsenal took the lead I felt crushed but once we equalised it wasn't a matter of if we would score but when! We so need to keep Drogba beyond this season as he is immense. Avram still appears to have it all to do to convince the Chelsea boo boys but for me I was impressed with his substitutions that turned the game!

By the time the match finished there was a lot of tension in the house due to the fact that we had dominated the television for so long. Next time ladies it's your turn, honestly! ;)