Monday, March 24, 2008

Keep the streets clean!

That's right the title of this post is what it's all about, being green and not leaving rubbish about. We went to Argos on the way to the cinema today to pick up a new bin as the lid on the other one had broke. In one can only be described as irony we left the packaging for the bin by the entrance of the Argos store. Let me just rephrase that as I didn't touch the box! Someone in our family left it outside Argos to scoffs from the passers-by. You rule baby!!

Our journey today took us to Bluewater but once we touched down and saw the size of the queue for the cinema our jaws touched floor. Tried to book online outside and also by telephone but alas no joy. Bexleyheath Cineworld saved us though and they had tickets available! Began booking over the phone and whilst awaiting the confirmation we entered a lift. At this point the phone became muffled and then cut out. No idea whether they had booked so we headed straight for the cinema in hope with not a moment to spare.

Unloading everything and everyone from the car is a chore and even more so now as I have a pair of driving shoes! Not that they specifically serve that purpose or are they overly comfortable. Just that I hate wearing away the backs of my shoes through driving so I am using an old pair to drive. Anyway now that you are up to date... I was switching between my shoes and I lost balance and my hand found the car door lock, spinning the barrel. If you have ever done this you will know the effort it takes to undo, add into that hitting your head on the open car boot and I must have looked like a psycho raging in the car park. At least I sent everyone ahead so that they didn't get to see my tantrum ha!

I eventually resolved the door and sat down in the cinema with everyone to watch the Spiderwick Chronicles. Everyone of us really enjoyed the movie, even baby sat through a good hour before becoming scared of the Ogre. This is a big thing as well as her catchphrase is 'Scary' so to sit through this deserved a big high five! If you have kids you will love this movie, here's a trailer...
This brings to a close our Easter Weekender and it was a lot of fun with so much activity, drama and adventure. Chelsea now up to second in the league and I'm now hating that I have to go to work tomorrow! Roll on the next Bank Holiday!!!