Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Gamble

So here's the scenario build, we have one Mr Joe Dawson on his train journey to work. He's feeling colder than usual as it is a colder than usual day!! Along for the ride is the one like the Newspaper and whilst together on the train an idea is forming!!! That's right for some reason this morning my eyes glanced beyond the Sports news and the proposals from the Bookmakers caught my eye. And they made my eye's sparkle, what is it that I saw? No not a glimpse into Narnia but winnings!! Gut instincts really do give me the incentive sometimes and this just happened to be one of them times -

Bristol Rovers Vs DONCASTER

Arsenal weren't considered in the proposal in the Newspaper but I felt confident they would get a result against Milan. Plus I needed six teams for my wager so they seemed like a good team to put my money on. I went for the Accumulator as that had the highest return but that meant all teams which I have highlighted above in capitals had to win. Lets get this show on the road...

So as not to dictate the television viewing I set up the portable downstairs on mute and had the computer running the other scores. Man Utd was the live game for me with the Arsenal game timeline showing through Sky Sports and also flicking between the other scores. By the time I had settled down with my hot chocolate Heffeman had put Doncaster in front for Doncaster and Xavi had scored for Barcelona. Game on!! Blackpool then took the lead through Taylor-Fletcher and I was half way there. Man Utd were looking good for the money in the game I was watching and when Ronaldo looked lively collecting the ball for a throw in the momentum was growing and shortly after he hit his 30th goal of the season! Half time came and checking the scores I saw that Barnsley had equalised with a Campbell-Ryce goal. Another double barrelled name not to be outdone by his opposite ha!! Forty minutes of mouse clicking and agitation followed and then Arsenal find the goals that they well and truly deserved. Fabregas and Adebayor giving them a famous win. After 90 minutes I was happy that the English teams had progressed, mainly as I want them to have more than just the Premiership to concentrate on! I cast an angry look in Crystal Palace's direction as what happened? At least Blackpool scored and took the lead before conceding and finishing level. Anyway a really long paragraph and the moral of this is gambling is a losers game even if your stake is only a fiver ha!!!