Thursday, March 06, 2008

What have I stumbled upon...

I stumbled upon Stumbleupon today which is a good site, I have been using Digg for a few weeks now and this provides an alternative experience. With Digg you have news that is made popular by people Digging the story which allocates a number and thus increases it's popularity. This allows you to Stumble random stories which you can cater for your own needs or just click and wait. I think both sites work really well and in moments of boredom both provide a quick fix of whats going on with our glorious planet. My girl asked tonight why I find this source for news stories interesting and I couldn't provide the nail on the head response to impress. It does offer me news that I might not otherwise come in contact with which broadens my horizons. Photography, video content as well as random news that I am enjoying reading that otherwise I would be oblivious to on the flip side.

Internet Explorer 8 Beta dropped today today and after testing my company's software with it on my virtual machine I had a look through the features and the integration it offers impresses me with it incorporating Me.dium, Stumpleupon, Facebook, EBay and as the full launch approaches I expect many more. Monopoly who cares, Microsoft are okay in my books with what they offer. I am off to play Golf in the house with baby now as I picked her up some clubs and balls from the shops. If I don't post tomorrow you will know that I have broken something and ended up in the dog house!!!