Monday, March 10, 2008

Wind proof umbrella anyone?!?!

The below clip is how not to conduct an interview, if she was one of my colleague's I would have probably bitten through my fist and choked on my forearm. This was not meant for public viewing but as is normality now with Bloggers, Twitters and people with video equipment it surfaces no matter what. It makes for good viewing anyway so enjoy...

Last night we just chilled out in front of the television, tonight was a different story as I headed out to get burnt. And boy did it hurt tonight, I think I need to find a new way to get tanned like move abroad ha!! I think I have covered this many times before so maybe I am a glutton for punishment. At least it stops me looking like a Glue sniffer anyway, at work today I took a long look at myself in the mirror and thought 'Damn, I look ill!'

I do feel ill as well, don't know whether it's a cold or the plague I have but I am so out of action. Lucky that I work sitting behind a desk as working on a site would be the end of me today. Especially with the crazy weather!! I got drenched running from my car to the train station today!! Maybe that is the reason I am feeling so ill, my Girl so needs to start driving so that she can drop me down the station on days like this. I can hope for that anyway!!