Thursday, March 27, 2008

Can you kick it?!?

Source: WikipediaAs expected the newspapers aren't speaking too highly of the England performance yesterday. They forget that our opponents were France who are a top team and a lot of the players are probably looking to next weeks Champions League. At least we didn't get thumped as that would have made for a disappointing read on the train journey to work this morning.

We were a couple of members down at work as they had gone away to Cheltenham for a meeting for the day. We were professionals though as we had a lot of work to get through so just knuckled down and got to it. I stopped off in the pub during my lunch hour to meet up with a friend who used to work here. I was well impressed with what he had achieved since leaving my company and we talked about family and our plans. I also filled him in on why I missed his wedding night, it was a good job that I wasn't the best man ha!

I'm trying something new out with the blog that I came across on ReadWriteWeb and TechCrunch. As a blogger I want to make my posts more appealing so this plug in allows me to pull articles and images from other sources to make it more beautiful. Let me know what you think..