Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Three ticks and a marble!

Today was the usual fun at work except for the dial up customers, why don't they come out of the Stone Ages as it makes my job so hard. Just goes to show how lazy that I am relying on Remote Access. Well it's there, plus explaining to some of these people would be really tedious. Anyway after work I got to my Girl's and we got our wires crossed over our proposed move, needless to say it wasn't the start to the evening that I wanted and I ended up travelling over to see my children alone.

We quickly worked things out though and I took time to chat with the children about what they had been up to that day. My daughter informed me that she had done the usual but my Boy became excited and told me that he had got three ticks and a marble for his work.
I was impressed especially at how excited he was about his achievement. If my monthly wage was paid to me in marbles I would probably have a similar reaction. I think!! Finally to close on the mighty England, going down 1-0 to a Ribery penalty, didn't watch the match so I expect it's same olde England. Doesn't matter who the manager is, it's the players not performing that's the problem!!