Saturday, March 08, 2008


I don't think that I have a lot of affection for rain, it gets me wet, I get cold, I develop illness and most of all it messes with the 'Do!! I have a real attachment to my hair, a strong bond that makes us really close. Anyway today was all about hitting the shops, Baby went off on her adventures this morning so we ventured to the local shopping park to see what amusement we could pick up. We acquired some DVDs, two mocha's and some goodies and sped home faster than Gollum to Frodo's side. Once baby had returned and lunch had been well and truly devoured we headed out for a coat search!

We looked about for a while and were amazed to find a total lack of coats available in any of the stores. I got a little distracted in Top Man briefly, not as much as my boy though who managed to dress himself up like he was a rapper of sorts! Eventually we struck gold in the form of two coats, we choose the later as the large Dog tooth print on the former didn't really look that great!!

Walking about in Argos well made me gag to have money to burn as the kids were so hungry for toys. Like little Pacmen running about showing me what they wanted, I either need a better job or a lottery win as I want to be able to get them everything!! I wonder what the richest of the rich do as surely they must have boundaries. No son I can't afford you that fleet of Yachts that you want. Who knows but I think they have too much money to play with! Forbes just announced it's list of the richest people on the planet and Bill Gates has been knocked down to third with $58 billion in his wallet. At number one now is Warren Buffett with $62 billion and from the reports Gates is only off the top due to the failed Yahoo acquisition. Order resumed next year, maybe?!?! With Bill stepping down from his full time Microsoft role maybe it's time for a new reign! Well disappointed with Chelsea today although with Man Utd also losing at least that takes away some of the angry thoughts. Hopefully Arsenal lose tomorrow in the league and happy days!!