Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Falling through the cracks!!

Today was something of a challenge, I woke from a place I remember so dearly. My parents sofa, such fond memories I have of my so called 'gap year' with this being my bed. In the past I know but that alone paints the picture of how it's not all happy day's. Although even cowgirls get the blues you can say but then again I can't dodge the bullets as this isn't the Matrix and I am not Neo either. Anyway I took off from my Mum's to work and got through the morning. What a morning as well, had to remotely access a customers Dial up connection. How you can run a business without Broadband is beyond me.

After this call I left work as I had a half day booked due to a consultation regarding my son. Apparently the opinion is that the boy may have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, wave the white flags, panic at the disco. I don't believe for a second that there is anything wrong with him but then again there are processes in place to monitor children and if they aren't up to scratch on the comparative line with the rest of the children on the planet then surely he has issues.

The poor boy has been through a lot in his short life and it cut me to pieces picking through his life so that this doctor can cast her eye over his upbringing and things that have happened. I won't go into the smoking as that's something we dare not talk about but hey it must have an effect. He's just a lively boy, requiring stimulation, maybe he's slower on the uptake when it comes to concentration but he's five. As you can tell it does make me angry and I could really vent about this as I am annoyed at having to sit trial. This is only the beginning as well, I just wish the boy would realise the seriousness of it all as when he got bored he started messing about in the background. I was nervous that he would do something random and the pen would go down to make a note. We'll see what happens anyway but if circumstances change then I will be taking up residence locally and they can both live with me full time.

After this we picked up the eldest and headed to my parents, other than the consultation it was also the longest I had been in the company of their mother for a long time. She never changes as I received a kick for something I said in the discussion. Oh well! At my parents we played football for a while and then they ate some food before I dropped them off and headed over to see my girl. Baby isn't well at the moment, I think we're all a little under the weather though and with a lack of sleep it makes for an atmosphere. I love my girl and hopefully the situation we find ourselves in will blow over and we can all join the circus.