Monday, March 31, 2008

Double Header!

Well you could say that a few photo's were taken on Saturday night, checking Facebook there are loads circulating. I was a little camera shy it seems though as there aren't too many of me available. In a way I am glad as I looked like I was working a mullet ha! The night was quality as it wasn't one but two of my friend's birthdays so it was double the fun. I had a few decisions to make over the night starting with how to get to the Bar luckily for me my Girl's mum was staying over and she kindly gave me a lift. Result, I still brought my umbrella with me though as it was a very gloomy looking evening.

Arrived at the Ivory Lounge just after six and there was already a small gathering, only one of the birthday boys though as my other friend was watching the Man Utd V Aston Villa match. Still though he accounted for nine people as he had created a load of masks of his face to really get people in the mood. This was a quality concept and it well made me laugh! Everyone got involved with the masks and it got well lively. Everyone else then turned up and it went off!

Ivory Lounge in Bexleyheath was a really good night and we really got into the party vibe once the curtains opened for the dance floor at 8:30. One of my friends was well live and the bouncers seemed impressed with his dance moves. He was wearing a shirt with popper buttons and he burst out like Super Ted to the beat of one tune and as you can see from the pictures below he was definitely on form and the nights pace setter! After dancing here for a while we moved on to OHM and carried on the celebrations.

So many people I knew were out that it made for a really good night and the drink was flowing. Glad that I put money into a whip as probably would have worked out expensive, can imagine my Girl's face if I had rocked up saying that I was overdrawn a few hundred pound! Anyway the night just wasn't long enough as once the DJ stopped playing and it was home time I skulked off into the night with good memories but knowing that my time keeping needs a severe overhaul!!