Sunday, March 30, 2008

Homeward Bound

I had planned to get a cab home with my friend tonight, the thing is he didn't book one and that left me in the lurch. I don't know what goes through my head in moments like this but I decided that I would walk to the other end of the Broadway and hopefully get a night bus. I walked past some of my friend waiting for the N89 but this was going in the wrong direction. I carried on walking and when I eventually got to the bus stop heading towards home I see that they had long stopped running. Figured that I would just walk even though it was a few miles and it pouring with rain. Maybe the thought of saving £30 that I would have spent on a cab made me think this was the best idea.

How wrong was I as my clothes got drenched, my umbrella broke, I sank in some mud and when I eventually got home I was shouted at for being home so late. Overall I would say that the cab home would have been the better option or leaving earlier where I could have just caught a bus for a fraction of the cost. It's done now and I'm off to try and get some sleep and dream of the Whatif's!!