Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hobby horse

Having children is a very expensive hobby, they keep growing, needing new things and also they in turn want to take on hobbies. My son has been playing football for a couple of months now so it's only fair that the eldest takes up her own activity. The pair of them were both involved in swimming but that has phased out now for the time being. My daughter other than trying to hide the fact that she is really a Mermaid has been on at me for the last few weeks about starting riding at a stables. All good and well darling but there is the cost factor. With the ever increasing price of petrol, everyone is pulling the purse strings. I don't know whether horses are also refueled with petrol but I have been amazed at the pricing. Is this a sign of me getting old, suddenly the quote 'When I was young...' seems to be looming and will no doubt in a few years enter my vocabulary. Help!

After the Boys football we fast tracked it over to the Stables, the set up was really nice compared to the other one I had been to. Instead of the small mud pit, it was a much larger pit but it catered for more riders altogether. She was very nervous about jumping in and once the lesson prior to hers had finished I jumped over the fence with her and led her out to the trainer. As she spoke to the lady I walked away leaving her in their capable hands. She got right into it being lead around by one of the girls there. After a few laps she picked up in confidence and was really getting into the rhythm. I clearly am the embarrassing parent taking photo's and receiving the look of not now dad. Afterwards she was full of anticipation for the following week, wanting to spend longer riding next time. My Girl also expressed an interest in taking up riding as well, then next the Boy I expect, followed by Baby. Then what a Horse on the cards, I am going to have to consider getting another job as my next hobby I reckon ha!