Thursday, June 28, 2007

The bells, the bells

Well yesterday was a proper adventure, I woke up at my mums in the morning as stayed there the night. Headed out to get some petrol after disagreeing with my girl on some things and figured that it probably best to crash at my parents. Not that we were positioned at opposite sides of the room at a stand off with weapons locked and loaded. Just felt that calling time may be the best course of action. It wasn't though, if anything I felt like I was having a hissy heading off but hey you live and you learn. Wish I had stayed though as didn't have a good nights sleep, and woke feeling done in. I swear that sitting under the air conditioning unit at work is doing me in slowly. Breathing in everyone else's germs and urrggh it's just not good. I was never really ill before I got relocated here. Grrr...

Anyway had a lazy day in doors really, although I had to head to the bank to transfer some money to my children's mother as required. She is on the knock though so I have stepped down on how much I give her as I feel that she is taking advantage of her situation. I'm not being a bad dad here, I want to spend more money on my children so that I can get them more when they are with me and have more days out. Going to also apply for all my bank charges from my previous two accounts to be given back to me. Not 100% sure of the process but if it is a success expect to see the details posted up here!

As today is Wednesday it's family day, normally I am at work when the other side of the babies family visit. Today is a different story though, I didn't really want to hang about but my girl wanted me to for support. Now I am not one to be flaunting around the house like I invented sliced bread so wasn't sure what to do. Plus I didn't want it to be portrayed like I was a spy listening to what was said. The plan was to watch a DVD but they arrived before I had the chance to set it up. Didn't want to turn it on just as they were there and blare the volume by accident so just straightened my hair for a bit as you do and then laid down and fell asleep by the mirror haha. This is all true! I was awoken by my girl after about twenty minutes as she came in jumping on me and saying that she felt relaxed knowing I was there. Sweet, first time me falling asleep has been met with that response. Anyway I was up there until they left, feeling like Quasimodo in the bell tower haha!!

After this we headed to my parents as it's my Dad's birthday today, on the journey there we passed my brother who informed us he would be there at 7pm. As it was 7pm already and he had to drop his friend off I figured see you at 9pm! We headed to the house and got into the birthday vibe, the amount of candles on the cake was very impressive. The amount of cake my boy ate was even more impressive though and it had an affect on him as well as he became Hyper Boy and was racing about in his pants like a lunatic. The baby is getting familiar with the birthday song now as this has well and truly been a birthday week with the amount of cakes doing the rounds. My sister arrived from shopping in Primark around this time and she was like a wild woman. I need to go shopping with her as she has loads of enthusiasm. She took over the birthday with her 'catwalk' haha. She wrote a well good poem in her birthday card though which was touching.

After rounding up the children it was time to take them home with a large pile of clothes from my girls as we have built up a lot of their stuff lately. Dropped the children off to their mother who was at her home with her fella and left her with my daughter and Hyper Boy who had reached Level 9. Good luck! We headed home after this and just crashed out to CSI. I am at work now bored, still feeling well tired as the baby woke up well early this morning. Didn't want to come in really but figured I would face the music. Plus with migration underway I don't want to leave the people on my team feeling the pressure of the build up of calls. Wanted to go and take the children to see Shrek 3 tonight as my girls parents are over to stay for a few days meaning we have a babysitter for the youngest. She is still a little young to enjoy the cinema but I doubt it will be long. Better do some work anyway, waiting for the guy on the phone to restart his PC as it just crashed. Life goes on..............