Saturday, June 02, 2007

Playing with bags!

Last night got me on a bit of a downer, because of things that have happened in the past I felt like there was a whole lot of history repeating. Especially in the way that things were said and I was left playing a guessing game. Okay trust may be a big thing in a relationship but there are other things that also contribute to arguments and they are what left me scratching my head last night. Once my girl returned home I headed off to bed but then we lay awake for a while talking before it turned frosty and then we just went to sleep.

Nothing too serious though as it was just a case of talking everything through and although I have been hurt in the past I feel confident that what me and my girl have is stronger. For that reason instead of me packing my bags and heading off the next day it was all about playing with bags haha. Had a day in with just us and although I managed to injure myself in a cringing part of my body we got through the day. Still with no real progress on whats happening with the car although my brother said that tomorrow is definitely the day...