Sunday, June 17, 2007

Day of the Father

Today is the day of the father, and of the son and the girls. My partner was wicked and got the day off to a good start which was followed by the wake up call from the boy. Our plan was to get ready and then head over to my parents for the day to meet up with my daughter and spend time with La Famile. She had wanted to stay there as she had plans to create some gifts for me and to organise the day which I thought was well sweet. And it was well touching what she had put together as she had made some ornaments and her and my boy had made me cards and got me some Rolo's. Talking of gifts I think that we have found out the perfect present for babies first birthday as she was loving the baby that was at my mums house.

Found out that the majority of my brothers ansd sisters wouldn't be getting around the house until later that evening so we had something to eat and then headed home to watch the Grand Prix and do some gardening. Picked up some tools on the way, well I say tools but we just got a hose, bags and some compost. Was well loving that Lewis Hamilton again was victorious over Alonso and just now settling down to watch the final of Britains Got Talent !!