Saturday, June 30, 2007

Last night was a learning night for me

Last night was a learning night for me, I decided to have a drink before I headed out. This was a normality before I got with my girl and tonight I figured that it would prove to be cheaper. Got to into the drink though and quickly polished off almost a bottle of Vodka. Not good! Especially when I knocked over a drink in the hotel room, in all honesty though I wasn't proper off it but my bearings had gone a little.
Anyway we were on course for Maidstone and Strawberry Moons, we reached the hotel where I had my accident. Picked up some friends and headed onwards! We arrived at a bar for a brief drink but my demeanour had annoyed my girl a little so I tried to compose myself and then the night got underway!

It's a decent place although nothing exceptional, beats going to the same places though and the music was good. Seems like Spice Girl fever is building up as there were a few of their tunes played! Where the pace of my drinking had slowed down I was getting sober and we divided into two groups and then we headed off shortly after that. Good night but I'll know in future to pace myself, of course!