Sunday, June 24, 2007

From here to there, we're everywhere !!!

Keeping my children occupied is no easy task but when you have people around who interact with them it makes my task easier. My girls parents were excellent with my children and although my boy gets a little carried away sometimes it was a great weekend and good them meeting her family for the first time with no real incident. Breathes relief haha...

This afternoon we were invited to one of my girls friends babies first birthdays, that's a mouthfull!! We had to head locally to where we lived for this and sure enough there was someone there that I knew. I have known him a few years as well and he is the partner of the person my girl knew. Small world hey! Anyway where I was driving I couldn't get well on it with the drink but the children got well on it with the Jelly and Ice Cream!

After here we headed home and after a visit from some friends we watched 28 Days Later! Love this movie and it is so much better than the sequel, we were gripped and I was so scared that I am now cowering off to bed with my tail between my legs to catch some sleep for work tomorrow!