Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Move forward four spaces

The above will be my next phone, it's supposed to be released in the 4th quarter which is when I am due an upgrade. What appeals to me the most is that it has a 5mp camera, with the current phone I use I have passed the 5000 photos taken mark so you could say that this is what I go for with my phones haha. Anyway work is good at the moment, with the new release on Vista comes new problems. We are scratching our heads and trying to figure out faults. It's good though but better getting home after what can be tedious at times speaking to customers who don't have a clue.

The greeting I get when I get in is quality, the baby knows that I am home to get involved and play and I can see she loves the attention she gets. In the beginning I was worried about what could happen between me and my girl. Whether we would last and whether ex-partners in the background would cause disruption that would lead to us going our seperate ways. I have never held back my affection but I admit I was nervous when we first got involved over getting too attached and it not working out. Having already suffered the fall out of one relationship involving children I didn't want to be faced with the proposition of another. I know under different circumstances but it would hurt. I can't see that happening though as my relationship is strong and I am really happy at the moment though and whatever happens unlike last year I am a lot stronger. So much so that at the weekend a bitter comment my children's mother said didn't even register. It's clear that I have moved on and have come along way I hope that she does one day as well !!