Saturday, June 09, 2007

Experiment 626

So my experimental night with not drinking was underway and I was confident that I would be able to complete my Big Brother task. I arrived and met a few of my friends at the Portrait having searched for a decent parking space for ten minutes. The place seemed alright although I felt well over dressed to which someone told me later that night that I was too good for Sidcup. Oh yeah! My friends had brought some guy from their work and he was on it. I have a laugh when I go out and speak to randoms but he was hyper and like a stand up artist and clearly offended that his jokes didn't get me going every time.

After a short time some of our other friends arrived on the scene and the night appeared to start as we was all having a laugh. A few people commented on my makeup and shaped eyebrows but agreed that blokes should make the effort more. I was confused a lot here and sensed danger so decided to head off to meet some of my other friends in Dartford who were on a pub crawl leading to Air and Breathe.

On arrival I met up with my friends and they were looking like they were enjoying the drinks. Where as I was beginning to feel a little like the Silver Surfer having consumed a few cans of Red Bull haha. Anyway we stepped up and got into the mix dancing away to tunes and showing that even with us all budging 30 in the next few years none of us can dance haha.

After dancing and chatting to friends in the Main Room we headed upstairs to the RnB room where it's all about yelling when a good tune comes on. This is a lot of fun and I sometimes wonder whether this yelling is like a mating call. Anyway my yelling was faint as I was laughing more at my friends and my non drinking experience was good fun as this is what I get up to when drunk and probably a lot worse. Anyway I jumped into the action and after meeting up with some other friends briefly I headed off with my pals in tow to meet up with my girl for a night of cooking pizza at 3am haha Yum!