Monday, June 11, 2007

Road ahead..

Not sure what the road ahead will bring for me but for Lewis Hamilton at the moment he looks to be a very special talent. He has renewed my interest in Formula 1 and if only I were getting the money he will likely get over he coming years. My day did consist of driving though as I had to head over to my girls parents as she is going over there for a few days. We didn't have the greatest journey, mainly I think as I was a little off key as not on the right page after a jarring day at work and then a hot journey home I felt a bit drained and we ended up getting our wires crossed. There weren't too many sparks though and after the long way around route to Herne Bay we settled for what was a wicked dinner at her mums.

We searched for some of her artwork to build up a portfolio for her university and then crashed out on the bed. After a conversation I headed off back to hers where I hope to sort out the kitchen and get that painted with her being away giving the house a chance to air the fumes. Was sad driving off as wish me leaving to come home had been under different circumstances but we will be reunited in a few days and hopefully she will be impressed with my paint skills as much as I am with hers !