Monday, June 25, 2007

Priorities Joe, Priorities Yeah !!!

Main news today is that Thierry Henry has signed for Barcelona, although it was long expected that he would move on it is a shame to see him go. He is one of the best finishers and it is fitting that he sees out his career at what many including myself believe is the best team in the world. Barca will be formidable next season and I am looking forward to seeing them in the Champions League. Anyway, the other big news today is that me and my girl are heading to IKEA. Work was the usual on a Monday with there being lots to do but I was looking forward to checking out what was available.

I don't think my girl thought I was too interested but although there wasn't a lot on show that truly caught my attention I did think that there was a lot that had potential. I need to synchronise myself with her though so that we are both on the same level. Yesterday's shopping adventure was anything but that. What amazed me about IKEA is that they have a restaurant. Kind of a put off was the guy serving the food as he started biting his arm while serving up our food. Urrk! Food was alright'ish though and we managed to pick up a few bits and just in the process of unpacking now. I'm feeling well tired though and this will be my last sentence of the day.....