Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's the final countdown !!

So tomorrow is the one and I am sure that there will be a lot of activity as final preparations are made for the birthday and the party the following day. Tonight was on it as we were on a rush to finalise things for the birthday and headed to Bluewater to complete our task. Was well pushed for time and looking back now we should have swirved the thoughts of sunbeds as not really practical haha. After our mad rush around Bluewater we kind of got where we wanted but wanted more. Especially with it being the first birthday but I think the day will be good. Drama's on the journey home as we were on the final stretch and baby was sick. She handled it well though so Kudos to her as she bounced back and was cheerful again. Wonder what it's like when you are that young and ill as it must be quite daunting. I know with my children in the past it has reminded me of South Park where Carl is sick haha. Hopefully she will be okay for tomorrow as I have a feeling it will be busy and plus it's her big day !!!!