Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Learning to drive again!!

Tonight I got to see my children, well correction I got to see my son as my daughter was far more interested in watching Lassie. It was cool though as I feel that just having them around is as good although I would have liked to have interacted with her more. My son on the other hand was well on it with me as he followed me around and got me to help him with stuff. Once half time in the football struck I headed to drop them off and got caught behind someone who couldn't park and then someone who couldn't count their cash. A minor set back anyway but nothings going to knock me from my mojo. After the rear seat driving from my children I headed to my girls and we had a face off in the bedroom where she tried to freeze me with her deodorant. It was all good fun until my mouth started bleeding and I cried haha. Well maybe I didn't cry but I was secretly flinching from her all night and have a nervous twitch now. Thanks darling you complete me!!