Sunday, June 10, 2007

A lark in the park

After visiting my girls relatives we headed to a local park in Beckenham, we are well on it with parks at the moment and need to start of some kind of club or try collect badges or souvenirs haha. This park was alright as it had a lake and waterfalls, and most importantly a playing area. My boy had his motorbike so it wasn't long before I was lumbered with this.

And then I had a staged accident with the motorbike but I am a tough kid, dusted myself off and the show went on haha. We then settled down on the beautiful towel that we have brought and had something to eat which went well until drama occured and wetness appeared on my leg. Not feeling warm I knew I was safe and that it was only a drink!

After we finished our lunch we moved on to the swing park and it wasn't just the children living it up as me and my girl were on it as well. One ride was extra special as it nearly made us all sick, the things humans go through for enjoyment.

After the adventures we headed off on the motorbike into the sunset. Well to the car and then the long journey round dropping the children off and to crash out indoors. Having a car though has made things a whole lot easier!