Friday, June 22, 2007

The One Year Weekender Begins

So today started early as it was all about waking up and giving the baby her presents, with it being the first birthday she wasn't too sure what to do at first and just attacked the balloons. It didn't take long to get into gear though and with mums help she was soon overjoyed to see her baby. This is her new word so she was on it with the affection and then tried to get the dummies from them haha.

I had to head off for work so as soon as the day started I had to rush off. Disappointing but there were well made plans in place and her day was set to spend with friends and the other side of the family who were heading over in the evening to spend some time with her. After work I headed next door to the pub for an hour having already had a pub lunch which overspilled a little. Actually as I am winding back to my lunch I was actually on a winner as won some money on the machines which was a good start to the weekend. Anyway after the pub I headed to my girls and so did my parents and my children. They are spending the weekend with us as we are heading to Herne Bay for a party to celebrate the babies birthday. We had a good night though and had several friends stop around to wish happy birthday. Off to bed now though for what will be a busy few days !!