Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Waiting for the new season!

Picking my girls up tonight from Herne Bay but before that it was over to my parents house to see my children as their mother had dropped them there. Wasn't really on the pace to get there but weren't too late. My daughter was in a creative mood drawing pictures so I played in the garden with my boy teaching him how to trap a football and return it. He was well proud to be playing with me so think this will become something I get him into more. Since his football training with his school he has got a lot more interested and next season I plan to take him to a few Chelsea games with my daughter. Family enclosure at Chelsea though at times is very rowdy although positioned next to the Away fans it's obvious why! Looking forward to the new season starting, fixtures are announced tomorrow so hopefully Chelsea get a good Christmas period and run in to the end of Season!