Saturday, June 16, 2007

If I wrote you a symphony

Today was a slow start as couldn't get with it but had arranged to pick up my children for midday. That was going well until we got stuck in traffic and then it was like the Wicked Witch of the West had been poked with a very sharp stick as instead of understanding I could sense the anger. So my children were dropped to my parents and we headed their for a pit stop briefly to decide our next move. And after a smile and checking our feet for wear and tear we moved on to Toys R Us to have a look for something decent for someone specials first birthday that is under a week away.

When I was younger Toys R Us was the one, now though it seems not as exciting although I still got excited by the pogo sticks. So much so that I left my wallet, car keys and phone on one of the shelves and walked around a while before realising. My boy figured that I was going to by him this electric bike and proceeded in wheeling it around behind us and thus creating a loud engine noise haha. Anyway we walked around for a while here and then headed over to Thurrock for a look about there. After this we headed to my parents again as my children wanted to stay there the night and we headed back to my girls for her to wow me with her sexy dancing!! My boy had other ideas though and although he wanted to play he wanted to be with me so he was brought over only to crash out after five minutes. Leaving us to relax and watch TV, bring it on !!