Sunday, June 03, 2007

End of an era

Today was our final quest on the buses, what a quest it was as well because as usual we were waiting for them for a considerable amount of the day. Oh well though it didn't matter too much but not knowing when the car would be ready was a cause for concern as we weren't sure whether to head to my parents or back to my girls. Anyway in between trying to contact my brother we headed to a park with water activities to keep everyone occupied.

The majority of us stayed fairly dry but my boy got well involved and well dressed so we had to do the usual weekend treck to get some clothing for him. Today though someone else joined in the fun so we had to get the baby some new clothes as well due to a minor accident of filling the swimming nappy too much. The joys of parenting, I think me and my partner have coped well with the action that goes on around us and when we have everyone together travelling about on buses. That hopefully is now in the past and after spending a few hours at my parents and getting the car we dropped off my children and headed home for something to eat. Too much activity for one person though as she crashed out in her seat !!