Thursday, June 07, 2007

Where's the summer !

Can't believe how fast this year is flying by as it seems like only a few weeks ago I was celebrating New Years. Been well on it and a lot has happened in that time. My children seem well grown up now and everything about them has changed a lot. My life has been steady as well, getting access to them more and also my relationshipwith my partner which is going well. Okay we're out of the honeymoon period but still things are going well although like all couples we have our differences but nothing overly drastic. In fact disregarding my children's mother I have been involved with her longer than anyone else.

This week her friend has returned from travelling so she will be out with her mates Friday and I am going to meet up with mine for a night out. Going to try having a night as the designated driver, mainly just to prove to myself since my ban that I can have a good night out without drinking. Then I will be meeting up with her after, only thing at the moment is that neither of us know where we are going so lets see how it ends up. Touché !!