Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Party

Our journey to Herne Bay didn't take too long and the weather held off which was good although the skies did show signs of opening up and raining down. Especially with reports from Glastonbury that it was bucketing down I was thinking it would soon be hitting us. We were lucky though!! Got to the party and it was set up beautifully, my girls parents had also decorated the room which my children would be staying it which I thought was wicked.

The guests began arriving and the presents were being opened to the delight of the baby as she got some great toys. My girls house is going to look like Toys R Us once we get back and open everything up haha.
The afternoon was interrupted by a brief shower but that soon passed, we stayed inside just in case and were treated to a magic show by one of my girls relatives. He was very good and he kept everyone entertained, my children were in awe and I could see in their faces that they were well impressed. After the entertainment we had the cake and sang happy birthday before seeing out the afternoon and changing to go down to the seafront...