Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bring in the new

So we have a new leader of the country today and lets see what he can do, a big wave goes out to Gordon Brown who takes over from Tony Blair. Reading the paper this morning and there was a lot of admiration for Tony Blair so Gordon has it all to do. I wouldn't mind running my own country, even for just a day! They should run competitions for people to participate in. For one day only, ladies and gentleman Joe is in charge of the country for 24 hours. Probably end up doing something really wrong though. Hmmm what does this button do...

Anyway Shrek 3 tonight seems to be a no-go as their mother has put a ban on it for this evening. Apparently my boy had overstepped the mark this morning, unsure why that meant he gets to have a day off school though as not impressed about that. Tonight then the plan is for me and the girl to have a night out with just us. Should be good, have to see what we can sort out and what trouble we can get into !!