Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The joys of elastic bands

Today I awoke from my slumber and tried to get busy, it was going alright but then my injury flared up so decided that I would take a day off and seek medical advice. Wasn't the most attractive of things so no description of what it is so out your nut!! Anyway after speaking to a nurse and resting for a while me and my girl headed out to pick her up some bits and get some lunch.

Lunch was fairly eventful as we ate at TGI's and played around with stick on accessories, attaching them to the babies face. She didn't seem to see the funny side and tried to eat them so we quickly moved on. Well need pay day this month, still got two more weeks to wait but if anyone's feeling generous it will be most appreciated. My girl well enjoyed her food and after this we moved on to Hobbycraft briefly to have a look at canvas. She had earlier got the thumbs up for getting back into University so we were on a browse over what to get.

We then checked out a pet store before heading home to go crazy watching TV. My injury feels a lot better although it's in my head and I feel the pain all the time now. Somebody contact Paul McKenna or Derren Brown as I just want to forget *sob* !!