Monday, June 04, 2007

The schoolboy

Lucky I did have the car this morning as I left my wallet at my parents house so had to treck to their house this morning to pick it up. Schoolboy error really but would have been a bigger error had I ran out of petrol on the M25, had to jump on this due to traffic then got caught in a jam briefly. Managed to get to my mums and get to work on time though so was well impressed. Feel like I have my mojo back at the moment as on a buzz from getting the car although kind of down about my injury but I'm feeling a lot better thanks for asking haha... After a glorious day at work I headed to my mums to pick up the car and get some petrol.

Last time I filled a car up at a station I accidentally filled my friends car up with petrol even though it was a diesel. He was not impressed but I sorted it and the episode is something I am sure will be brought up if ever he writes a book haha. After filling up the car anyway me and my girl went shopping. All relationships have there ups and downs and lately we have got our wires crossed a little but given that we have been together six months nearly and what we've clashed over I have no reason to be wanting to jump ship yet even though I put my foot in it during shopping. SCHOOL'S OUT !! Wasn't long before we were back on point and I tried to build a Yoga session out of kitchen oil and that was that haha. Picked up an interesting drink and crashed out back at hers in front of the TV although should have not attempted to try and get her to realise that gaming is the way forward. Note to 'self here...