Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A special day

After waiting at the bus stop last night to meet up with my girl for what seemed an age. Usually by the time I reach her house the 'Wednesday Club' have already left but today I had to occupy myself. Thirty minutes to keep myself occupied hmmm what could I do. I phoned my daughter who was at my parents house for my brothers birthday and had a heart to heart with her about what she wants to do when she is older. She choose being a vet, this was not what I wanted from her as I want her to be an Astronaut so we debated the pros and cons and once she had told me her point and I had briefly spoken to my son about time keeping we were underway to the birthday celebrations.

Everyone of the family was there except my brother and his partner as they were ill. Loads of action though as my house is never quiet as it just goes off. None more so when the music started and we all tried to invent our own dance with the special one definitely setting the standard. My brother for his birthday finally got his PS3 and after breaking both of my Xbox 360's and drama's with his PSP earlier in the year I am interested to see how long this will last him. I am sure though that he will look after it as this is his Holy Grail. Played a good wind up on my childrens mother tonight she phoned as we were running late with the children and I said that I thought they were with her. I can feel the rage build up in her voice so decided to step in and say that I would drop them around shortly. What a special day !!!