Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tunnel vision

Not much went on today to write home about, felt a bit of a bore where the children were concerned as I decorated today. I wallpapered the chimney to add character to the front room. Haven't decorated in a while but papering is easy(ish) it's just the lining up and trying not to get paste everywhere oh and there's the sanding down of the wall. Okay it's a bit of a chore but managed to get it all sorted in an afternoon. Last night we didn't bother on watching the football, why? Well because of the obvious outcome and because we watched Deja Vu instead. This is a quality movie, the concept was good and without going into detail about the plot to spoil it I just say go check it out. Tomorrow we have to be up early as going down to my father's farm to see him for the first time in ages. Haven't be down there in ages so expect my page to go quiet for a while as I'll likely end up lost haha !!