Saturday, August 25, 2007

Our night out... driving!!!

Okay so after our day on the farm we headed to Bexleyheath for a night on the town. Weren't too sure where to go and were running late so decided to drive there and ditch the car until the following morning. We headed to Zero Bar in Bexleyheath and were in a foolish mood so as soon as we got some drinks we funked out baby. Dancing offkey at the bar without caring what anyone thought. It was well funny although most were oblivious to our power dancing. After a while we headed upstairs to chill out and I suggested a drinking game which my girl wasn't really feeling and as her friends were in Greenwich living the dream we decided to head there.

Picked up some food as didn't want to end up over the limit and headed to Greenwich for what we were informed would be a lively night. Pull the other one, no music, no atmosphere although our friends were clearly having loads of fun with some northern fellas. Me and my girl stepped up to the plate after finding Pear Cider at the bar, get in. This is like Gummi Berry juice for my girl as she loves it. We tried having it here but there seemed aggression around and me and my girl couldn't be bothered with it so it was too the Batmobile....
We drove around heading in a homeward direction but the tummy grumblies kicked in so the quest was for food. I suggested the 24 hour McDonalds and my girl gave the nod so off we went to Old Kent Road. We arrived and my girl needed a toilet break, the security in McDonalds wasn't feeling us ask and on returning to the car we weren't feeling the attitude of some guys who were like animals. Thought we had seen the last of them for the day at the farm, although I think there guys should be locked up in a more enclosed area like a zoo or a prison haha. Anyway after picking up McDonalds we discovered a 24 hour ASDA and after a toilet break we headed off eating our food and cheering that our night had been a success!!!