Saturday, August 18, 2007

Don't cross people who enjoy chewing gum!

After the journey down yesterday and crashing out to sleep we woke up this morning and Herne Bay where there was a festival taking place. We made use of the Arcades before heading to the Bandstand where my girl used to work. Here they had some activities for children and we got involved making Shakers and trying to create something amazing. Our Shakers ruled and in a confident mood we moved on to Canterbury with a view to return later for the Fair.

We didn't stay long in Canterbury as it wasn't the best of days so after checking out a few stores and trying to contain the boy we headed back to base. From here we relaxed for the afternoon and then later me and my girl headed out without the children to get on some rides at the Fair. Never made the Fair as we had a drink at the Bandstand and then it started raining so the journey home was pretty much the only ride we had that evening...