Monday, August 20, 2007

Getting on the coke!

Figured I would end up stuck in traffic for hours today as was on the way to Bluewater and it started to build up but managed to jam it out. Soon breezed through the build up and then hit the shops for a look around. Main scoring point for the day was to pick up the girls some shoes but after looking around for a while we gave up and headed off to TGi's for some drinks. The boy worked his way through the coke and he was well powered up. Me and my girl had some cocktails and I could have got well on it but curbed the thought as was driving. After looking around and longing to have a supermarket sweep of fashion we headed for some food shopping and then back to HQ. Just in the process of watching Bourne Identity now and I am feeling this movie. Was thinking about if I lost my identity and came around. I would be freaked with all my tattoo's. Would probably be left thinking I was a biker haha!!