Tuesday, August 07, 2007


It's all about moi Ha! Today I headed over to Holborn in the morning again with my solution locked and loaded and was on hand to repair the fault with our training laptops. Only one of the rooms there was being used so I raided the Jelly Babies in the second room and headed off to work on a powerup! Work was on it as loads to work through over the course of the day. Won a Chloe bag on Ebay last night, was bidding away and then ended up winning. My girl was well impressed, at £210 she had every reason to be as the retail higher than that. Probably turn out to be a fake now. She won me something from Ebay as well although not on the same level. Lets just say it's a keyring of the male member, need I say more! Thanks babe! Tomorrow night got a trip to the Dome for O2 scheduled. Not sure whether I want to really go but they are paying me and you never know may get more stuff to sell on Ebay haha!!