Sunday, August 05, 2007

We travelled through time and space...

...And we ended up in Camden Town 2007. The day was a glorious one and we were feeling in a good mood. Okay so there was sport on but I don't want to be wasting my day in front of the TV I want to be out working my walk with my main chick and baby. We left the hairy child at home as the day was hot and hot days are long days and wouldn't have been fair on the hairy one. After adjusting our London faces we headed into town and pursued our quest for world domination and to maybe spot a few bears!

Look at us go in these shops, not wanting to look too much like a tourist I slowly got into the vibe of photography. Camden has good culture and there are so many different types of people walking about from Goths, Emo's to Punks and complete freaks who pierce themselves all over christen themselves Albert and ask for cash just for a photo. This career seems somewhat limiting so I don't think I will be making moves to join Albert anytime soon. My tattoos on my arms seemed somewhat tasteful though as there were a multitude of people checking out the ink I had down and seemed impressed. I felt violated so thank you!!

Found some great clothing and accessories around the Market and also a lot of other novelties as well. Including a bar which served up one of the best Long Island Iced Tea's I have had in a long time. Lots of shots which my girl didn't really feel and suggested I get a top up of coke to dilute the strength. Wimp! Just messing darling! Was different not having my children around for the weekend but in all fairness I think they would have got lost in Camden with the amount of people swarming about and with it being a hot day I am sure tempers would have flared!

Check out the above motorbike, danger haha! What was the most novel aspect of it though was that there is a dragons head on the front and it breathes fire. Very novel, I wanted it for that aspect but it looked heavy and I am sure if I fell of it and it landed on me I would be found as a Skeleton!

This is what taking photos is all about, we were posing in a mirror shop and trying to get it right and then my girl goes and knocks over a candle and you see the blurred shot with my disbelief haha. Needless to say we were ushered outside quickly after this haha!!

Oh yeah looks like we found a bear! That's right and lucky for Camden it was a stuffed bear as it was looking hungry and if there was a belly in there then I am sure that there would be a few of us in there having got too close to pose for a photo haha!

We kept ourselves amused for a good few hours over Camden anyway and had a wicked day out. Yeah I got us a little lost by the Canal for ten minutes but if I hadn't then we wouldn't have got to smell heaven outside Bodyshop and have a peaceful few minutes with no people about with me weaving in and out with the pushchair. After getting back on track we headed over to Lloyds for a drink and to sit down for a few minutes!

Refreshed and ready to go we headed off on our journey home stopping briefly to dance by the canal before heading off to the train station for a tired journey home. The day was wicked and will definitely be coming back to Camden although I have the feeling that next time I will be spending thousands here. Self control, what control. Weren't going to be anything that could dent our mood even if some don't share our enthusiasm...

We're bringing the '90's back so get ready!