Friday, August 03, 2007

Chickens hatching

Not sure but they might be but going to hold my breath until they do...

Okay so holding my breath isn't one of my strong points, today has been like last day in the Transfer Window as been on it with the negotiations. Come Monday all will become clear but in the mean time I have the small task of my adventure to Southend. Why I choose a car all the way over there I don't know but oh well I hope it's worth it. Tonight my girl is out and I'm having a reeelax.

Today at work was alright had a slight drama getting in as had to run back and get my travelcard but managed to get in on time. The meeting with the MD was good, it was clear how he had made his money as he knew figures and was to the point. Having watched Dragons Den the night before this guy would have had me sold had I been one of the Dragons. Was interesting listening and hopefully down the line I will be giving this speech in future. Sooner rather than later I hope!