Sunday, August 26, 2007

Moving on!!!

Check this out, we can now add video to blogger which is a great addition. I'll upload some more like the one I have above when I get a chance. Today was a hot one, we went on a quest for new school clothes but are going to pick up where we left off next week as they don't go back just yet. Got the majority of the clothing and I am sure that they still have a lot that still fits from last term. We spent a short period of time in the park today but it was really hot and trying to keep everyone entertained was proving to be hard work. We mooched back to my girls and then headed off again to see what was available at Blockbuster. Impressed at what we found as they do childrens movies for 25 pence. If you are a parent reading then it's money well spent as you can pick up a couple and lock them away hahaha!!!