Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Walk this way

Here's a clip taken from yesterday, it's the family trying to get the baby walking. She is really mobile now and can stand up and also change direction. Was back to work today and it felt really odd, someone else had left and also some members of my team will be leaving shortly which is disappointing for me. I'll have to train up some noobs I expect haha. I don't mind though, I enjoy meeting new people and relating to them. Big news at the moment is that of the presumed bid that Chelsea will make for Ronaldinho before the transfer window closes. It would be amazing to see him at the bridge but I feel that it won't materialise. Chelsea are the only team able to trigger the £85 million buy out clause but like some papers I expect that it's his brother/Agent that is trying to negotiate a new contract. Sources state though that the so called Fantastic Four at Barca will see one of them leave. Eto'o is big there even if not liked and Messi is the fan favourite, with Henry the newest addition it could mean the exit door for the biggest smile in football. I think not though but lay in hope, F5ing the news pages haha!!!