Tuesday, August 21, 2007

spot the ball

Today's adventure didn't get off to the best start as we headed over to Tiger's Eye in Thamesmead so that the children could run wild. We had a pack up but wasn't expecting that we wouldn't be allowed to eat it inside so ended up eating it by a river on a bench. Nice surroundings, in fact it wasn't too bad although once I fed a few swans we became surrounded by birds. Pigeons being the worst as they made us nervous. It was as though you could sense them plotting to take our food. Waiting for the moment and sending down decoys haha. We soon munched through our lunch though and headed inside.

It's fun here and unlike some of the boring parents sitting on the chairs I weren't going to be put off by the height restrictions. Game on! My girl wasn't sure at first but the second we hit the pall pit it went off and in a big way as well. It was a laugh travelling around the apparatus and when I ended up in the ball pit again I was ambushed by my children and some of their school friends. I became their hero as all the kids were well impressed with my return combat and getting involved in their games. Was knackering though and it didn't take long for me to sweat out and look a right mess running around with kids throwing balls and themselves at me to bring me down haha. From here we moved on to the bouncy castle and damn, it's dangerous in here. I'd see children bounce passed me and then ricochet off of objects and other children. I wish I were that durable, I lost my nail to a minor accident and these kids are flying around like they are full of helium haha.

Finally to ruin me we headed to the disco room and we got on it like we were Hannah Montana, we rocked the place and then with many farewells we headed off for the future. The children are off to my parents tonight to spend the night there and me and my girl loving the movies at the moment are going to watch the Bourne Supremacy. Loving these films now, not loving my eyebrows though!! My girl shaped them too much tonight and I look like I have a fake one, grrr be prepared for payback soon!!